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CAROLINE  handbags CAROLINE  handbags
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CAROLINE handbags

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Do you ask black or gray? Choose two! After all, autumn offers a variety of colors!

And black and gray handbags for the autumn color palette!

The black handbag is perfect for classic trousers or dresses, but gray at the palette or longsleeves!

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copy of Body massage mat copy of Body massage mat
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copy of Body massage mat

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It is a medical device created by specialists that reduces or completely relieves back, neck and leg pain.


The results of independent research confirm that using this device back pain is reduced by more than 98% of people. Acting on active points, this device gently relieves pain while you work on your computer or rest.

Effective Serum For Face... Effective Serum For Face...
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Effective Serum For Face (Snail Extract)

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Since ancient times it has been known that snails have healing properties. In Babylon and Egypt, snails have always been considered a symbol of eternity. Unfortunately, their miraculous healing properties were buried for a while under the veil of oblivion. However, in recent years, a great deal of research and experiments have been carried out on the characteristics of snails. It has been noticed that the hand skin of snail meats is like a baby!

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It\'s no secret that women have a lot of weaknesses and one of them is handbags that will never be too big! So today we have a special offer for all the sexes - lots of handbags for special prices - just choose!

FALL MUSE handbags FALL MUSE handbags
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FALL MUSE handbags

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Stylish little towns, cheat! The latest collection of autumn handbags has arrived!

Only we give you a handbag that will give your urban style even more exclusive!

Combine this handbag with sports shoes, classic shoes or high heels!

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Fashionable backpack TOP Italy Fashionable backpack TOP Italy
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Fashionable backpack TOP Italy

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For many women, it is probably a familiar feeling when there seems to be everything in life in a constant bag, but when one of the things in it is suddenly needed - it just feels like a needle in a chariot. And what to talk about small but immensely important things - personal and travel documents, bank and other cards, cell phone or home keys ... With this offer you will have a handy handbag for your everyday use.

H2O MOP X5 elite H2O MOP X5 elite
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H2O MOP X5 elite

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  • H2O MOP X5 ELITIE cleaning device
  • 5 functions: steam cleans floors, carpets, windows / glass, various other home surfaces, evaporates fabrics and clothing.
  • Adjustable steam current.
  • Environmentally friendly - cleans without any chemicals.
  • Cleans, disinfects, refreshes the environment.