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STAIRER shopping bag with... STAIRER shopping bag with...
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STAIRER shopping bag with wheels

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No longer want to pull heavy bags from the store? Tired of wearing things up and down stairs? Do you have to constantly ask for help from others? If you are familiar with it, the STAIRER bag will become an indispensable aid.


The secret of STAIRER shopping basket is special design casters. The surface is always touched by up to 4 casters, which is why STAIRER is so stable and easier to get up the stairs. From now on, you can pick up and transport items up to 20 kg without any hassle. In addition, the wheels are made of durable foam, so they travel quietly on various surfaces and do not scratch them.

You can choose from two models without a snail and a sneaker on which you can sit and relax.


1) Blue

2) Green

3) Purple

4) Burgundy with chair

5) Black

H2O MOP X5 elite H2O MOP X5 elite
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H2O MOP X5 elite

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  • H2O MOP X5 ELITIE cleaning device
  • 5 functions: steam cleans floors, carpets, windows / glass, various other home surfaces, evaporates fabrics and clothing.
  • Adjustable steam current.
  • Environmentally friendly - cleans without any chemicals.
  • Cleans, disinfects, refreshes the environment.

copy of Body massage mat copy of Body massage mat
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copy of Body massage mat

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It is a medical device created by specialists that reduces or completely relieves back, neck and leg pain.


The results of independent research confirm that using this device back pain is reduced by more than 98% of people. Acting on active points, this device gently relieves pain while you work on your computer or rest.

Slimming patches! Slimming patches!
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Slimming patches!

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We all want to be slim and beautiful, and we know a lot of ways to keep body shapes: starting with sports, ending with starving diets. But it is not always enough time and will, right? Now we offer you another solution: effective slimming patches for just 10.99EUR.

Slimming patches

Leisure bag Leisure bag
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Leisure bag

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Three-Piece Handbag Only With Us! Buy for one price and get three different sizes of handbags!

Wear the largest handbag for work, shopping or meetings!

You can use a smaller handbag as a cosmetic, and the smallest one as a purse, when you don\'t want to take it big!

Handbag from the latest... Handbag from the latest...
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Handbag from the latest season's collection TOP (3 colors)

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It\'s no secret that every gender spokesperson changes the wardrobe of his / her dress, but also the most important accessory - the handbag. So if you are interested in the novelty of the haberdashery and are looking for a handbag that is attractive in design, comfortable, fit and perfectly suited to your elegant style, this offer is for you!

Fashionable backpack TOP Italy Fashionable backpack TOP Italy
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Fashionable backpack TOP Italy

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For many women, it is probably a familiar feeling when there seems to be everything in life in a constant bag, but when one of the things in it is suddenly needed - it just feels like a needle in a chariot. And what to talk about small but immensely important things - personal and travel documents, bank and other cards, cell phone or home keys ... With this offer you will have a handy handbag for your everyday use.