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STAIRER shopping bag with... STAIRER shopping bag with...
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STAIRER shopping bag with wheels

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No longer want to pull heavy bags from the store? Tired of wearing things up and down stairs? Do you have to constantly ask for help from others? If you are familiar with it, the STAIRER bag will become an indispensable aid.


The secret of STAIRER shopping basket is special design casters. The surface is always touched by up to 4 casters, which is why STAIRER is so stable and easier to get up the stairs. From now on, you can pick up and transport items up to 20 kg without any hassle. In addition, the wheels are made of durable foam, so they travel quietly on various surfaces and do not scratch them.

You can choose from two models without a snail and a sneaker on which you can sit and relax.


1) Blue

2) Green

3) Purple

4) Burgundy with chair

5) Black

Wonder arms trainer for hands Wonder arms trainer for hands
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Wonder arms trainer for hands

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Always dreamed about ideal hand muscles? Strong, handsome and tough hand muscles are the dream of women! You can have it right now!

Market innovation -Wonder arms! All women talk about it! Wonder arms burn calories until your triceps, biceps and shoulders work.

A hand-held strap will help you achieve the desired results in a short time! Unlike other simulators, it has a unique and dynamic resistance system to reach all problem areas

Rechargeable robotic pump... Rechargeable robotic pump...
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Rechargeable robotic pump with bacterial removal technology

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Today we have a special offer for you!

Just 29,99EUR for 90EUR Rechargeable Robotic Pump with BACTERIA DISCARD TECHNOLOGY

Dirt Detection Detects Dirt with Detection Sensors, Tangle-proof Technology That Controls Robot Cleaning! However, the specialty of this robot ANTI-BACTER! - No bacteria in your home! From now on, you will feel more relaxed even with pets that bring out all kinds of bacteria from the outside!

Campaign time and quantity limited!

Robot - Manager Robot - Manager
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Robot - Manager

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Why such a low price? This Product This is a Gift for You Dear ones, that you have been faithful to us all year round! This product is sold at a lower cost and the quantity is very limited!

H2O MOP X5 elite H2O MOP X5 elite
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H2O MOP X5 elite

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  • H2O MOP X5 ELITIE cleaning device
  • 5 functions: steam cleans floors, carpets, windows / glass, various other home surfaces, evaporates fabrics and clothing.
  • Adjustable steam current.
  • Environmentally friendly - cleans without any chemicals.
  • Cleans, disinfects, refreshes the environment.

copy of Body massage mat copy of Body massage mat
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copy of Body massage mat

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It is a medical device created by specialists that reduces or completely relieves back, neck and leg pain.


The results of independent research confirm that using this device back pain is reduced by more than 98% of people. Acting on active points, this device gently relieves pain while you work on your computer or rest.