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ROME ITALY trendy handbag ROME ITALY trendy handbag
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ROME ITALY trendy handbag

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Handbag is a work of art. Every even the most sophisticated handbag comes with a hostess who says with joy "all the time I was looking for". A handbag is a companion of life that protects all the mysteries of a girl, all the little ones she can ever need. Handbag - This is an accessory without

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PARIS handbags PARIS handbags
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PARIS handbags

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New handbag season has arrived! Dress up this autumn with a stylish handbag from the latest collection! We have different colors, so hurry because the quantity is limited!

Handbag is perfect for everyday shopping, work or meetings! If you want to look fashionable and stand out from the gray crowd - this handbag is for you!


Manual features:

Mid-size handbag

There are three large compartments inside the handbag

The zipper closes inside

Handbag has a long strap

Different colors

Comfortable, easy, modern

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TOP MILAN handbags TOP MILAN handbags
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TOP MILAN handbags

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Looking for a new, stylish, elegant, lightweight and most important practical handbag for everyday items?

This handbag is perfect for you! We have different colors, so you can choose and customize your handbag to your style

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High heels High heels
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High heels

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Size table:

40 Size: Foot length 24.6cm ~ 25cm

39 Size: Foot length 24.1cm ~ 24.5cm

38 Size: Foot length 23.6cm ~ 24cm,

Ingredients: Natural skin

Heel 11cm

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